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How experience fosters great leadership

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Our life experiences create the personal capacity we need to be effective leaders.

Almost all of our experiences shape and make us, and these experiences have a profound effect on our view of the world and how we engage with everyone we come into contact with.

The power of experiences to shape a leader’s mindset and perspective is immense. Through various experiences, certain leadership traits get strengthened and sharpened. At Auto & General, we believe that there are 4 key traits that are fostered by experience, and that have shaped us into the formidable force we are today.


It’s the passionate people that take the biggest risks, step up to the challenge, and help make the biggest leaps forward within teams, companies, and organizations. At Auto & General, we have teams that are passionate and committed to delivering pioneering product offerings and excellent service to our clients. And because of the wonderful experiences we’ve provided our clients with in the past 32 years, we don’t plan on lowering our standards until we become the leader in the short-term insurance industry.


Confidence should be at the crux of everything a leader does. People tend to trust confident leaders more than one who shows doubt in themselves or their brand. Because we are confident in our product offerings, our clients trust us to always provide them with valuable experiences whenever they need our assistance.


Leadership is not for the faint of heart. To be a successful leader, being relentless in the pursuit of your goal is a quality that you absolutely need to have. At Auto & General, we have been relentless in our pursuit of refined products and excellent customer service for over 32 years, which is why today, we are one of the leaders in the short-term insurance industry in South Africa.


Experience is what made us what we are – learning from the past, turning challenges into opportunities, and using every lesson to help us become better. Owning up to the mistakes we have made on our journey to success is what sets up apart from the rest. When it comes to leadership, accountability does not only end at taking responsibility, it extends to taking the next steps to making things even better. For us, experience is more than just an accolade; it is what enables us to constantly improve our products, to deliver exceptional service and to keep our clients’ trust. 

At Auto & General, we have over 32 years of experience under our belt. Throughout those years, we have sharpened our understanding of the kind of products and services our clients need. To get a taste of #whatexperiencelookslike like and how our experiences as one of the leading insurance brands in the country have shaped our product offerings, visit our website at https://www.autogen.co.za/ or giving us a call on 0861 00 12 69.

what experience looks like
Take care during the worst storm in 30 years