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6 tips on how to be a smooth business traveller

Friday, 16 September 2016

Whether you travel for business purposes on a daily basis, or it is an occasional hindrance when you have a conference to attend, or a lifelong dream that you cannot wait to fulfil, all business travellers can agree that if your job calls for travel, then being an efficient traveller is a definite must.

For those who spend most of their year travelling via air, knowing how to pack and travel efficiently can mean the difference between having to wait in a long queue at the airport to get your luggage checked and checking yourself in online and cruising past the queue.

We have outlined a few practical tips to help make your business travels run a bit smoother.

1. Create travel check lists

Before you start packing, make lists of all the things you will need to take with you or buy before you leave. From the clothes you will need, to all your electronics (and their chargers), having check lists is a great way of making sure that you keep forgetfulness at a minimum. Find out what the dress code for your trip is so that you don’t pack unnecessary outfits.

2. Stay connected

Make sure to charge all your electronics overnight or before leaving, so that once you land, you don’t find yourself running low on power and having to look for a charging outlet. Then bring an all-purpose USB charger with you, just in case. Save all the numbers you might need for your destination ahead of time, like local taxi companies and restaurants. This will help should you find yourself in need of a service once you land.

3. Allow technology to make your life easier

Find out ahead of time exactly what your flight time is and what your plane’s seating plan looks like so you can see if you have enough leg room or not. See if you can’t make restaurant reservation in advance. Try and book your rental car before you leave so that you are all set once you land. Using technology to stay organized ahead of your departure can save you ample time on your trip.

4. Avoid checking bags

This is where it gets a bit tricky. As far as you can, take full advantage of carry-on bag allowance. For example, pack 1 pair of shoes, and wear another pair (that you will also use frequently when you land) to make extra space in your bag. Or if the weather allows, wear the bulkiest items you are taking to minimize the amount of luggage you need to drag around with you.

5. Be loyal

Many airlines, hotels, and restaurants have loyalty programmes that offer you generous awards for flying with them frequently, using their hotels for your stay and dining at their restaurants. Travel programmes are also a great way for the frequent traveller to skip the queues and enjoy benefits like priority boarding or upgrades.

6. Always remain positive

Travelling for business can be exhausting, especially when you have a tight travel time and are rushing from one place to the next. Even with that in mind, it is advisable to keep a positive attitude and be kind to everyone who is on the clock. Airline and hotel employees often have a lot of privileges that can be passed down to customers. The kinder and more understanding you are, the higher your chances of getting some kind of upgrade or reward courtesy of the staff members.

Remember that our insurance products are there to give you the advantage you need to keep you ahead of the game. So while you are planning your next business trip, you can give us a call and get a business insurance quote and let us worry about your business while you are actually taking care of business.

Learn more about Auto & General's business insurance product offerings.

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