Keeping your client’s vehicle on the road, with reliable repair work

Friday, 21 August 2020

We ensure that our policy holders are able to engage in day-to-day activities like school runs, the commute to work and grocery shopping; not forgetting additional planning for special getaways and memorable journeys.

Owning a vehicle you love is truly a life-altering experience, lose the convenience due to a breakdown or mechanical failure and your traveling activities are immediately interrupted. Some of these situations aren’t avoidable, however at Auto & General, we want to ensure that our policy holders are alleviated of the financial impact brought about by some of the mechanical and electrical failures experienced by vehicle owners.

Our warranties offer an opportunity to lengthen the life-span of a valued asset by offering assistance should you encounter the failure of one of the components covered by our warranties.

At Auto & General we will also provide the convenience of a vehicle rental which offers a two-day rental in the event of a mechanical repair or service of their vehicle.

Included is hotel accommodation which covers customers if a breakdown occurs in excess of 300km’s from their place of residence (in the event of a valid claim being accepted). All of this whilst ensuring the customer’s vehicle is repaired by reputable service providers.

To find out more about Auto & General’s warranties products, download our Pre-Owned Mechanical Breakdown Warranty and Extended Mechanical Breakdown Warranty brochures from

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