Beneath Poovani’s professional exterior, a passion for adrenaline bubbles. Her love for Dazon Buggies, Bungee, Skydiving and more seems to be a family affair seeing as they have all travelled together on an overseas extreme sporting adventure. A self-confessed adrenaline junkie, she admits to her love for extreme sport:  “I love doing extreme sport. People are always so confused when they see me because at first glance, they honestly don’t picture me as the type to love extreme sports.” This is why she loves getting to know her team beyond merely the workspace.
“Job descriptions are limiting and it doesn’t determine who people are.” She is driven by the need to know her team and the Broker team beyond their work environment. Building a work model centred on cultivating solid relationships, Poovani wants to know what makes everyone tick to support them as best she can and in her own words to “connect with them on a human level is critical.” It’s no surprise that her passion for getting to know the “real you” unveils a life motto that is all about authenticity.
“Authenticity is so important. ‘Be you and the world will adjust’ is a saying which speaks to all the elements of being human.” One of the reasons she chose to delve into the Post Grad course that will pave the way for her MBA at Henley Business School, is because of their motto: ‘We build people who build businesses that build Africa.’ “I always lean towards that which is real and authentic. She wants all those who work with her to “be so comfortable with who they are, that even if people don’t like it, you still come out on top.” Her belief in servant leadership, and yet striving to be one’s personal best is evident and strives to set the example.
“I need to demonstrate being a good person in every aspect of my life. I come from a family that is incredibly driven and yet, they have remained good people.” Her mentors help keep her on track and remind her, as driven as she is, to be the best version of herself.
On the note of her driver, this stems from her desire to live a fulfilled life and not simply coast through it year after year: “We all have the same 24 hours, what we do with ours is so important.” She is determined to see that fulfilment come to fruition in her workspace.
“My top priority is people. I am extremely passionate about developing our people and showing my team that they are more than what they think they are. I love sharing my life with people in the hope that I can inspire them.” Simultaneously, the industry’s evolution to providing value to customers beyond a service is what has inspired change in Poovani personally. For Brokers, she is excited about the continuing digital evolution.
“I love the fact that Brokers are going digital. Almost everything can be automated and we can work remotely. The industry has allowed for technology to streamline our Brokers businesses adding even more value for their clients.” At the same time, she is aware of the crucial human factor that Brokers provide in this technologically defined era and this is what thrills her about the Broker Value Proposition and the Broker Lounge; through this digital platform Brokers will have greater access to what they need, with greater reassurance of the team in place to assist them.
“This Broker Lounge is a demonstration of our authenticity and belief in our Broker Partners. The Broker Value Proposition, which is how this all started, clearly outlines what we can and can’t do, but above all, it also demonstrates our commitment to serving our Brokers and their clients as best we can.”