Auto & General Buildings Insurance covers the structure of your clients’ homes (walls, roof and fixtures) against loss or damage, but not the loose content in the home. Damage to the structure of your client’s home has a much bigger financial impact on them, which is why we offer this as a separate policy.

Whether it is fire, lightning or burst pipes, we are there for your clients and the structures of their buildings. However, you should remind your clients that if they want cover for their geysers and the damage caused if something goes wrong with them, they must add geyser cover and specify how many geysers they have.

Building Insurance includes:
  • Fire, lightning, explosion and/or earthquakes 
  • Burst water pipes 
  • Storms and floods 
  • Impact (with home or outbuildings) by animals, vehicles or falling trees (but not when they are being felled)
  • Malicious or intentional damage 
  • Direct damage caused by break-in or theft 
  • Subsidence of land and landslips 
  • Garages, outbuildings, swimming pool and gates
  • Liability cover for the owner of the building and domestic employees – your clients can increase their Homeowner’s Liability Cover (to R5 million, R10 million or R20 million)
  • Loss of rent 
  • Rent to live elsewhere