People work hard to save up for a deposit for the vehicle they need to get, and they want to protect it from loss, damage, or theft. As their broker you want them to have proper cover if their vehicle is written off or stolen and not recovered. However, any balance outstanding on their financing still has to be paid. This can place huge financial strain on your clients.

If your client needs more information about exactly what Auto Top-Up covers, please refer them to our brochure.

Auto & General’s Auto Top-Up product has been specifically developed to help relieve this strain. It includes cover for:
  • The difference between the amount their vehicle is insured for and the outstanding finance amount.
  • The deposit they paid if they chose to include Deposit Protector. The amount that will be paid out is either the actual deposit paid or 10% of the insured value of the vehicle at the time of the incident, whichever is the lesser.