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For many people, taking out life insurance coincides with a major life event, such as marriage or the arrival of a child. Once an individual has dependents, life insurance is a way for that person to rest easy knowing their family will get by financially when s/he is no longer around to support them.


However, when it comes to life insurance for over 65-year-olds, particularly those taking out life cover for the first time, it can be difficult to even get cover because of how life insurers assess potential clients for risks. Some might see that as unfair because many people over this age have expenses like paying off a mortgage or putting kids (or grandkids) through school. The loved ones they leave behind might still have a lot of financial obligations. So why is it hard to get life cover for over 65 or older? Let’s take a look.


Individuals over 65 tend to be on more medication and have more illnesses, they exercise less, their age places them at risk of passing on sooner than a younger person, and their weight may not be as controlled as it was when they were younger. When considering these factors, it might not make financial sense for an insurer to offer life insurance for someone over 65.


Unfortunately, this means people in this age category often can’t get life insurance if they don’t already have cover. And if they do manage to get cover, they will likely pay hefty premiums because of the high risk they pose. After all, if a life insurance company pays out millions after a client has only been insured for a short time, they cannot recoup the money they have paid out.


Life cover when you are young

It’s important to take out life cover before you reach 65 and, in fact, as young as you can. The older you get, the more expensive your life cover starts out. What we mean by this is, if you take out cover when you are 25 years old, you will most likely pay less per month by the time you reach 40 than if you took out cover for the first time at 40. Because the life insurer must recoup the money paid out over the term of the policy, the later you take out a policy, the less time the insurer has to recover this money, so their premiums are higher the more mature a new client is.


Calculating life insurance risk

When you request a life insurance quote, the insurer will ask you multiple questions to obtain an idea of how high your risk is of passing away in the near future. These will cover various aspects of your life, such as:

  • Medical history: This includes the medication you take, any surgeries you’ve had, and diseases and illnesses you’ve been diagnosed with.

  • Lifestyle habits: They’ll want to know if you smoke, drink, and exercise.

  • Demographics: This includes your age and gender.

  • Physicaldetails: Your weight and height will be factored into any life cover quote.

  • Occupation and hobbies: Insurers want to know if you engage in any risky behaviour for work or pleasure.


Life insurance quotes


Our Auto & General Pure Life Cover insures you for the whole of your life. Providing you take out cover before you turn 65, you will enjoy peace of mind for the rest of your life, whether you live to 65 or 95. We also offer Disablement Cover and Dread Disease Cover, which benefits you while you are alive should you become disabled or suffer a terminal illness. To experience our excellent customer service, decades of knowledge, and suitable life insurance quote, call us on 0861 00 02 09 today.