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Life comes with all sorts of unexpected events. While we may have certain life plans in place, we can never truly know what life may throw at us. This is why, at Auto & General, we’ve put together several tailored Life Insurance offerings. Catering to different eventualities that may occur, covering you and your family from unfortunate events that may come your way.


One of these includes Terminal Illness Cover, which is automatically included as a benefit on our Pure Life Cover offering. With decades of experience in the insurance industry, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve got the best cover possible with all of our policies. We only include benefits that we know you’ll want, and most importantly, benefits that you really need.


What is Terminal Illness Cover?

Terminal Illness Cover is normally an added benefit on most life insurance policies, rather than a standalone product. It could pay out the full cover amount if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, with a life expectancy of fewer than 12 months, during your period of cover. A terminal illness is one that has no known cure or has progressed to a point where it cannot be cured. And in the opinion of your medical doctor, it will lead to death within 12 months.


Auto & General’s Terminal Illness Cover

At Auto & General, we use our years of experience to build tailored insurance solutions for you. We know what is important to you and what benefits will help you the most. This is why our Life Cover policy includes a terminal illness benefit, at no additional charge. This means that if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and your life expectancy is less than 12 months, your life cover policy amount will be paid out. The payout amount will depend on your cover amount, ranging from R200 000 to R10 million. 


Instead of waiting until the event of your death, you can make use of your life policy payout during your last months. Your cash sum would be paid on receipt of a valid claim, and you can decide how the money is spent. Whether it’s to cover medical bills, settle outstanding debts or take that big trip you’ve always planned – the decision is yours.

Terminal Illness Cover vs Dread Disease Cover

While it is easily confused by some, Terminal Illness and Dread Disease Cover are very different. Dread Disease Cover firstly, is either an added benefit that you choose to add onto your Auto & General Life Insurance policy or get as a stand-alone policy. While Terminal Illness Cover is automatically included in your Life Insurance policy.


Secondly, Dread Disease Cover will cover you if you are diagnosed with an illness that leaves you unable to provide financially for your loved ones. It is for all stages of an illness, including death. Payouts will be made in increments depending on the severity of your illness. Whereas Terminal Illness Cover will payout if you receive a terminal diagnosis, i.e. an illness that will lead to death within the next 12 months.


Because Dread Disease Cover will payout for more common illness, such as heart attacks and strokes, it is more expensive and therefore comes as a separate add-on policy.

Life Insurance quotes

Anyone can be affected by a life-threatening illness, so having the right protection in place could help to alleviate stress at a difficult time.


Our experience and knowledge have earned us a reliable reputation in the insurance industry, so you can feel confident by putting your trust in us. Make sure that you are covered with Terminal Illness Cover by getting a Life Cover quote from Auto & General today. For more information about Life Cover solutions or to get a quote, call us on 0861 00 02 09 or email us at business.sales@autogen.co.za