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How to hire an insurance broker in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga, South Africa


What Work Do Insurance Brokers Do?

The work of an insurance broker is different in South Africa than it may be in other places. In our country, an insurance broker works for their customers, for example individuals, companies, or organisations. They do, however, work for insurance companies too sometimes and may have agreements with these companies. Some people call insurance brokers insurance advisers, because a large part of their role is providing their customers with sound insurance advice.


Offering insights into the complex world of insurance, insurance brokers can be very helpful. From finding you the ideal policy or bundled policy to assisting with claims, processes, and communication, brokers should have their clients’ best interest at heart. This means that finding a trustworthy broker you can rely on is important.


Insurance brokers in Mpumalanga can assist you in tracking down the best insurance policy for you, and they can also help you process a claim. The fact that the insurance broker is obligated to be honest and fair may put your mind at ease, because it means they should do their best to get you the best deals. By hiring an insurance broker, you get access to a wealth of knowledge. This is because insurance brokers are financial service providers. They are required by the FCSA to be up to date with all the latest developments and training.


Your insurance broker can even help you communicate with the insurance provider. First, they will help you find one or more Insurance quotes for the policy that best meets your needs. Next, a good insurance broker will discuss the options with you. At this point you can ask questions and discuss any down sides to the policy. A good broker will have experience and will be able to offer you interesting or important insights into insurance. A good broker can also find deals you may not be able to find on your own. The fact that a broker helps with processes, claims, filling in forms, and communicating with the insurer is a big plus, saving clients time and relieving pressure.


Insurance Brokers vs. Insurance Agents

An insurance agent is not the same as an insurance broker. An insurance agent does different work and represents the insurance company. An insurance broker can represent insured entities such as yourself or your company and can also work for insurance companies. Both work in the insurance industry, with in-depth knowledge and expertise, but only one can work for you.


Can I Save Money by Hiring an Insurance Broker?

It is possible to save money by hiring an insurance broker if you hire the right broker for the job. Some brokers are more effective than others. Some brokers charge their clients fees and others don’t. Here are points to consider:

  • A broker that charges extra fees may not save you any money if you have to pay broker fees over and above your monthly premium that are too expensive for you.

  • A broker may not save you money if they cannot find you a more affordable offer.

  • A broker may end up costing you more if they mess up processes, fail to communicate effectively with the insurer, or if they do not assist with claims.

  • A broker might end up costing you more if they sell you a plan that has the wrong benefits or inadequate cover.

  • A broker may also waste your time and money if they are unreliable and untrustworthy. This is rare, but a fair consideration.


If you want to hire an insurance broker in Mpumalanga just so that you can save money, the plan might backfire if you hire the wrong broker. Looking for the right broker for you can mean the difference between money saved and money wasted. To find the right broker for you, consider the following:

  • What type of insurance does the broker work with? A medical insurance broker may not be useful in helping you find business cover.

  • Can the broker provide proof of expertise and experience? You're looking for documents, case studies, certificates, and recommendations from previous clients. A broker with lots of experience and expertise can be much more valuable to you.

  • Does the broker have a real, physical, official registered address you can actually visit? If not, hiring them may be a big risk.

  • Is the insurance broker registered as a financial services provider with the FCSA? To be safe, it’s best not to receive financial advice from anyone who is not registered as a financial services provider.


Who Pays the Insurance Broker You Hire?

Many insurance brokers receive their pay from insurance companies. They receive a commission from the monthly premium of any policy they sell. The commission is a percentage of the premium and will be agreed upon between the insurance broke and insurance company. The percentage is also regulated by law. 


If the insurance broker charges extra fees, you, the client, will need to pay these fees. The good news is that many brokers in Mpumalanga do not charge extra fees. We suggest finding out if the insurance broker you want to hire displays any form of bias towards any specific insurance providers. This may occur if the broker has a deal with the insurance company. It could also just mean that they know it is the best plan for people’s needs.


The percentage brokers receive as a commission is prescribed in South African law and depends on the type of insurance. The requirements are set out in the Long-Term and Short-Term Insurance Acts of 2008. One of the requirements is that the insurance broker needs to inform their customers of fees before any work commences. Customers should also agree to the fees in writing. Such laws and regulations protect brokers and their customers.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Insurance Broker in Mpumalanga?

Each insurance brokerage may determine their own fees, meaning there is no way to determine how much you could end up paying. Some brokerages may charge fees for exceptionally experienced or effective individual brokers. Some brokers don’t even charge any extra fees. It really depends on which broker you choose.


If you find the right insurance broker in Mpumalanga, they could help you save money and time and lower the stress of obtaining and managing insurance. You can start by speaking to an insurance broker, or you can opt to speak directly to the insurance company.

The information quoted is correct at the time of publishing this article. The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice.


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