We get it! As Insurance Brokers you are advocates for your clients and with the age of a continued digitization, as advocates. Brokers are collaborating with technology to remain an increasingly critical component of the insurance industry. Auto & General Insurance identified your significance as Broker Partners over 30 years ago.

Since then, Auto & General has proudly advocated for our Broker Partners, knowing that a significant portion of our success is due to the brokers. It is due to this value that we were the first company to offer our broker clients a “cash-back bonus”. In turn, this lead to Auto & General receiving awards such as having been recognised as the country’s top broker insurer in the early 2000s.

The early 2000s also saw a boost to our Broker Partners when we introduced a new Business Insurance offering. Our experience also gives us the insight to know that our Broker Partners work with us to provide solutions as efficiently as possible, which is why we launched the “Broker Express Line” in 2013: simply dialing 0800 1000 11, affords Brokers the opportunity to enquire about anything from sales, claims, policy administration, retentions, commissions, assist services to value added products.

The desire to continually evolve for brokers doesn’t end there and in 2015, Auto & General Insurance launched the “private-banker” inspired insurance model. It was Trevor Manuel who highlighted that Auto & General truly understands the value of partnerships and the fact that Auto & General pioneered an innovative Service Charter is proof of precisely that. This Broker Portal is simply one more instance in which we hope to demonstrate the value of our Broker Partners.