At Auto & General, you not only become a Broker Partner, you become Family.  For over 30 years we have proudly advocated for the Broker, acknowledging the role you play in the insurance industry and in our business.  Our combined experience has driven us forward and truly created an environment where we are Better Together.


We were born out of humble beginnings, but over the years we were often seen at the front line of innovation within the industry.


We were the first company to offer our broker clients a “cash-back bonus”, for which we received high accolades in the early 2000’s.  Similarly, we had the insight to provide our broker partners with a “Broker Express Line” in 2013.   This line is still active today and as a Broker you receive dedicated service, by simply dialling 0800 1000 11.

The desire to continually evolve for brokers doesn’t end there and in 2015, we launched the “private-banker” inspired insurance model. This provides you with the option of a dedicated broker consultant at your service.


It was Trevor Manuel who highlighted that Auto & General truly understands the value of partnerships, when we first launched our Auto & General Service Charter in 2019.    Since, then, what is now our Service Promise, has evolved to incorporate both Brokers and their Clients.  


For us the experience matters and that’s why we have gone on to evolve our business and have introduced further innovations, many specifically focussed on making the process easier for both broker and client. For us partnership also means supporting our brokers within the advice-process, helping you to provide a professional and knowledge-based service.


We do this not only through our comprehensive product suite and our streamlined broker support of broker consultants and a dedicated call centre; but in this digital era, we have introduced a Broker Portal, through which most policy fulfilment can be conducted. This portal also serves as a knowledge centre for our brokers, where you fulfil product training and find valuable information on not just our products, but also the industry.


At Auto & General we will continue to focus on providing you and your clients with the excellent service we are known for, innovating in this space and continually striving to stay on the front line of insurance in South Africa.


We can do this, because we form part of TIH (Telesure investment Holdings) which now services over 11 million clients across seven countries. Our product lines have grown to stretch across Personal Lines, Commercial Lines (voted best at 2019 IFA Awards), Value-Added Products and Services (VAPS) and Life Insurance.


Our Assist services are state of the art.  Through our Auto & General App, clients have access to crash detection, emergency road-side assistance and on-line claims submission.  For commercial clients, our Business Assist offering includes a safe drive service, help with collections, a business concierge service, IT help desk and tender assistance, to name a few.


These are just a couple of our services and benefits.   If you would like to explore the world of Auto & General further, simply give us a call on 0800 1000 11.