6 ways to meet you monthly target

12/7/2020 11:27:04 AM

Monthly targets are critical to you, your sales team and your company. Your status is set based on your ability to deliver on those targets. Make sure you hit them every time with these six tips:Set yourself a target list Have a list on day ONE of your target period. This list must show where you intend for new business to come from. Break your month up into weeks and put everything into one of three columns:... (Read More)

4 tips to help keep your home and your insurance policies in top shape

11/20/2020 9:56:19 AM

Just as your home needs a good clean at least once a year, so do your insurance policies. Below are some trusted tips that will help get your house, and insurance policies, looking brand new again:Start big Have you recently moved into a new house? Did you renovate your kitchen? Or maybe you bought a new car? Those are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and discuss with your broker so that your car and buildings insurance policies can get updated accordingly.... (Read More)

Load shedding, power surges and your short-term insurance

10/19/2020 6:47:47 PM

As one of the biggest insurers in South Africa, we are often asked whether our policy holders are covered for damage to electrical goods, due to a power surge related to load shedding. Before we answer the question, lets first take a look at what a power surge is. A power surge is basically a spike in your home's electrical current. The spike is very brief, usually lasting less than a thousandth of a second, but it can still cause damage to your home and appliances. Chances are that you have already experienced damage from such a power surge. ... (Read More)

Life insurance, what is it and who needs it?

3/22/2016 9:20:40 AM

Did you know that not everybody who has life insurance actually needs it and not everyone who needs life insurance has it? A life insurance policy is cover that a person takes out, keeps up with the monthly premiums and in turn the insurer undertakes to pay their dependents/beneficiaries out upon their death. ... (Read More)