The Head of the Auto & General Insurance, Ricardo Coetzee, is a passionate, purpose-led person.
He believes that insurance is a service that speaks to the idea of being there for someone when it matters most, and believes that his own purpose is indisputably linked to that.
“My passion is ensuring we add real value to our Broker Partners and our customers. We’re selling a promise and it’s my job to ensure that we deliver on that promise.”
He is also passionate about building people, relationships and seeing projects grow from just a seedling idea into something real, tangible and successful. That’s what gets him out of bed in the morning.
Ricardo is motivated by the transformative nature of the insurance landscape and how it has evolved to provide products and services for a broader audience.
“This has been a key inspiration for me to remain evolutionary and to transform as the market evolves. Insurance is not very sexy or fun, but when you get into the details, it is actually incredibly dynamic, creative and innovative.”
Ricardo is excited about how technology is evolving the insurance industry.
“With technology, Brokers are better off because they are better equipped to look after their customers.”
On the other hand, Auto & General’s new Broker Value Proposition is a tool which Auto & General will use to fortify its relationships with its Broker Partners. “The Broker Value Proposition gives us the opportunity to reinforce our relationship with our Broker Partners in a more tangible way so that we can offer more value and more insights to help them build their businesses.”
Part of that value is certainly the Auto & General experience.
“Auto & General offers stability in an ever-changing landscape. We are pioneers and will continue to pioneer with our Broker Partners.”
Ricardo chooses to invest his spare time in various communities: “I’m passionate about giving back to my community.  My wife and I had a foundation called Dreams and we have a few projects on the go in the community at the moment. We know what it’s like to have big dreams and to pursue them regardless of circumstance or where we started. We don’t want the kids to give up on their dreams, so this is our way of trying to ensure that they set off on the right paths to see their dreams come to life.” With his heart set on changing his own world in order to change society at large, his life’s motto is founded on the notion of legacy.  
“Someday I want to leave a legacy that my family, colleagues and community can be proud of. I always ask myself the following; ‘How will people remember me based on what I have left behind?’”