We are there for you and your clients beyond just their vehicle insurance needs – we also offer other types of cover, such as Home Contents insurance, which covers all the non-fixed items in their house against theft, loss and accidental damage.

If your client takes out Home Contents insurance, we recommend that they compile a list of all their home contents to ensure that they are covered for the actual replacement value of their possessions. We want to be able to repair or replace lost or damaged items with items as close to the original as possible, and we won’t be able to do that if they are underinsured.

We also offer them the option to increase to Household Liability Cover (that includes Public, Tenant, and Domestic Liability) to R5, R10, or R20 million for a small additional fee.

What we cover:
  • Food that spoils in a fridge during a power outage
  • Washing stolen from the line and garden furniture stolen from the garden
  • Your clients’ guests as well as their domestic employee's belongings that were stolen from their home
  • Money stolen from their home
  • Personal documents, coins and stamps
  • Credit or bank cards
  • Rent to live elsewhere
  • Veterinary expenses (if their pet is injured in a road accident)
  • Liability cover for home owner, tenants and domestic employees
  • Locks and keys damaged during a break-in
  • Medical expenses for an injury caused by a pet or a defect in your building