Loss, accidental damage and theft are nothing to worry about when it comes to our Comprehensive Caravan Insurance. Being comprehensive, you can assure your client that it comes with all the bells and whistles.

For example, it also covers certain cases of damage caused to the property of third parties. This will give your client peace of mind so that they can enjoy their getaway without worrying about a costly bill due to accidental damage to other people’s property. 

If your client wants to find out exactly what Comprehensive Caravan Insurance covers, please refer them to the  Policy Book.


This cover includes:

Towing and storage

Remind your client that with their insurance policy, we will cover the costs of towing their caravan from the scene of an accident to the nearest dealer or panel beater. 

Damage or theft

Damage and theft are worries of the past. With an Auto & General Caravan Insurance policy, you’ll be the broker that helps your client find that peace of mind.

Cover for standard accessories

Here’s another reason for your client to get an insurance quote. Cover for their caravan’s standard fittings is a part of every policy.

Cover for third party

Your client will also be covered against the damage their caravan causes to another party and their property. 

Optional cover
Your client can get added peace of mind with cover against hail damage, as well as cover for the contents of their caravan contents, including their and their guests’ belongings.