Your client’s trailer makes travel and transport that much easier, but manoeuvring with the extended length on the car increases their risk on the road and their need for Trailer Insurance.

Trailers are normally stocked with all kinds of loose items, which are not covered under this policy because of the difficulty of ensuring the security of those items. Since some of those items are too valuable not to be insured; you should suggest that your client cover those with a Portable Possessions Policy.

If your client wants to know exactly what Trailer Insurance covers, please refer them to our policy book.

This cover includes:

Towing and storage

Let your client know that if their trailer is involved in an accident, we will send an approved tow truck and get them to the nearest dealer or panel beater. That makes for an easy-to-sell insurance product in your portfolio.

Cover for loss, damage or theft

Trailer Insurance from Auto & General protects your client in the event of accidental damage, theft or loss.

Third party damage

Be the Insurance Broker who gets your client the best insurance offer. We include up to R1 million in third party damage cover in the event that your client’s trailer accidentally damages another person’s property.