Auto & General Gap Cover

12/7/2020 11:40:14 AM

We are excited to welcome a new product, Auto & General Gap Cover*, our medical expense shortfall product to our stable. The product addresses the shortfall between what medical schemes will pay and what health practitioners charge for in-hospital procedures, providing financial relief for your clients and their loved ones.... (Read More)

FAIS General Code of Conduct Amendments in perspective

10/29/2020 8:53:29 AM

The FAIS General Code of Conduct Amendments came into effect 26 June 2020 with a delayed effective date of either 6 or 12 months depending on the provision. The changes impact Financial Services Providers (FSPs) and the below is a summary of the notable amendments. The amendments were effective on 26 June 2020 unless otherwise indicated below... (Read More)

Five risks that could severely impact smes

10/19/2020 6:40:56 PM

African economy, and the one area which should create growth in order to ignite a lacklustre economy. It has been said that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the bedrock of the South The broker’s responsibility However, SMEs must be made aware of risks which could impact their business continuity and bottom line. This is where commercial insurance specialist knowledge comes into play. ... (Read More)

Now is the time to review your insurance cover

10/19/2020 6:28:01 PM

It’s a new year and you can now hopefully look back on a wonderful festive season having spent time with family and friends and enjoying all those Christmas gifts you received. Some of these are sure to be big ticket items. Maybe you’ve purchased or received a new vehicle or the latest mobile phone as a gift. Or, did you finally receive those fabulous earrings you’ve coveted the entire year? ... (Read More)

Its Never Too Late To Invest | Auto & General Insurance

7/31/2015 9:20:00 AM

You could also lower expenses, like trimming your current entertainment budget, cutting back on non-essential items, and waiving expensive vacations. A lack of retirement funds isn’t an easy burden to bear. In fact, it’s almost always a nagging problem that sits in the background, stealing from our present joy. ... (Read More)