12/7/2020 12:28:51 PM

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marketing your business

12/7/2020 12:25:00 PM

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Car Insurance

12/7/2020 12:20:33 PM

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Tips when travelling with a trailer or caravan in tow

10/19/2020 7:00:09 PM

Driving on South African roads can be a daunting experience, now add a caravan or trailer to the mix and your risk from a safety and security perspective, doubles. It’s therefore vital that you are extra-vigilant when travelling with one in tow. Ensuring compatibility between your vehicle and the trailer or caravan you’re towing, and adjusting your driving habits to allow for the extra length and load, are key to safe travelling. ... (Read More)

How much car insurance cover do I need?

10/19/2020 6:56:29 PM

Choosing the correct insurance policy to suit your needs is the first step in insuring your car, but the next is to ensure that it is insured for the correct value. Many motorists suffer financial loss because their cars are not adequately insured. There are three different values for which a car can be insured – market, retail or trade. However, there are pros and cons to each and it is essential to understand what they are. ... (Read More)


10/19/2020 6:52:29 PM

The reasonable cost to salvage the vehicle and deliver it to the nearest South African border post is covered provided it was disabled outside South Africa as stipulated in the policy. The maximum indemnity for repatriation of an insured motorcycle or vehicle is the incurred cost but not exceeding a maximum amount of R7500. ... (Read More)

Keeping your client’s vehicle on the road, with reliable repair work

8/21/2020 7:15:00 AM

We ensure that our policy holders are able to engage in day-to-day activities like school runs, the commute to work and grocery shopping; not forgetting additional planning for special getaways and memorable journeys. Owning a vehicle you love is truly a life-altering experience, lose the convenience due to a breakdown or mechanical failure and your traveling activities are immediately interrupted. Some of these situations aren’t avoidable, however at Auto & General... (Read More)