Monday, 7 December 2020


Introducing Auto & General Young@Heart

An alternative for the over 50s


At Auto & General we know that experience brings wisdom. That’s why we have created Auto & General Young@Heart, a short-term insurance option for anyone aged 50 and over.


Young@Heart is focused on enriching our existing Auto & General short-term insurance cover with a unique benefit, whereby you may reduce your basic excess to R0 on claims against your home content, buildings, or vehicle policies.


On top of it you will still have the option to add our Cash Back Plus or Bettercar value-added benefits onto the policy.


Cash Back Plus also comes with the following added benefits:


  1. A funeral plan.
  2. A retrenchment premium waiver should you be unexpectedly retrenched.
  3. A death premium waiver to financially assist your family in the event of your death.
  4. A dread disease premium waiver should you develop a permanent disease that affects your income.
  5. Expo-Sure – designed in case of accidental HIV infection.


Things to Consider:


  1. Young@Heart is ideal if you wish to combine, you’re and your spouse’s cover under the same policy.
  2. A lifetime warranty on all workmanship is given, provided you make use of one of our approved panel beaters.
  3. There is no limitation in terms of days of use of car hire with Auto & General.
  4. Cover for accessories up to R10 000 is included, with the option of increasing it with another R40 000 to a maximum of R50 000 at an additional fee.
  5. If a jamming device has been used to prevent the locking of your vehicle and if evidence of it exists, Auto & General will settle the claim.
  6. Towing and storage are covered.
  7. Generators are covered under our home contents policies.
  8. Our Auto & General App, which is automatically available to you on Young@Heart can assist you with:
  • Viewing policy details, payment details and changing your bank account details
  • Downloading your policy schedule and summary of cover any time
  • Receiving reminders and notifications to do important tasks
  • Access to Accident and Roadside Assist that tracks to the exact location, in the case of a vehicle breakdown or in the case of a severe accident
  • Access to Emergency Home Assist, Medical Assist and Crash Detector
  • Ability to change personal details and add missing details
  • Ability to complete vehicle inspections via the app
  • Ability to submit a claim via the app

Interested, or need more information? Speak to your broker for advice.

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