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Auto & General claims certainty guide


Experience has taught us that if you adhere to a few steps, we will honour your claim. Here are the steps to help guide you through the process:

The below is subject to the terms and conditions as stated in your policy terms and conditions



Talk to us on time

Your policy has important time limits: 30 days to notify us of a claim, 15 days to provide us with requested documentation and 48 hours to file a SAPS report for anything lost or stolen.


Honour your premium

Your insurance policy is a month-to-month policy; therefore, you need to make sure you pay your premium each month to have cover.


Minimise loss

Take care and precautions to prevent or minimise loss, damage, death, injury or liability.


Tell us exactly what happened

Always provide true, complete and exact information about your claim’s incident and your claimed items.


Tell us who drives the car more often than anybody else

The regular driver is the person who drives the vehicle most often and more frequently than any other person. Always ensure that you have the regular driver noted on your policy. Remember to notify us if this changes.


Have your vehicle inspected

In order to validate your cover, your vehicle must be inspected within the requested timeframe. A self-inspection can be done online via the Auto & General app or at any Glasfit outlet.


Tell us about your insurance and claims history

Your insurance premium is based on how long you have had uninterrupted comprehensive vehicle insurance and takes your claims history into account. Please ensure that we have the correct details, as the information will be confirmed when you claim. Please email your confirmation of uninterrupted comprehensive insurance to  


Your vehicle usage

It is important to declare the details around the usage of your vehicle. If your vehicle is used for business, then it should be insured for business use.


Disallowed drivers

Based on certain criteria some members of your household might not be allowed to drive your car. Check your policy schedule and ensure that everyone over the age of 15 living with you is noted on the policy and verify if there are any members that are disallowed to drive your car.


Tell us where you park your car

The day and night parking of your vehicle affects the rating of your risk and, in turn, your premium. Please make sure the correct details are noted on your policy.


Have a tracking device fitted if it is a requirement

Based on your type of vehicle you have insured, there may be specific anti-theft requirements. Please ensure that you are aware of these and that the anti-theft device in your vehicle is fitted within the required timeframe and is in working order.


Vehicle damages less than your excess
If this happens, it means that you pay the lower amount and not the higher amount (which is your excess). This saves you additional costs. We won’t continue with the claim but will still be happy to assist you in arranging your vehicle’s repair booking, and you will still automatically qualify for a lifetime guarantee on your vehicle’s repairs.


Proof of purchase

We may ask for proof of purchase for items that you are claiming. Please ensure you have these available. 


Activate your alarm

Your policy conditions may indicate that you need a home alarm to be in working order and activated when nobody is home. Regularly test your alarm and activate it when you leave to ensure cover.


Insure your belongings at the current replacement value

When we replace your lost or damaged items, we do so at the current replacement value. Make sure that you regularly check and update the value of your items. Please also ensure that the total amount you’re claiming for is less, and not more, than the total insured amount as reflected in your policy schedule.


Insure your building at the current replacement value

When we repair damages to your home or outbuilding, we do so according to the current value of the building. It is important that you regularly check and update the value of your building. Please also ensure that the total amount you’re claiming for is less, and not more, than the total insured amount as reflected in your policy schedule.


Ensure your building and outbuildings is approved according to building regulations

Make sure that you have approved building plans, and that all structures are approved according to the local building regulations. It is important to note that this is also the case when any renovations are done to your home or outbuildings.


Maintenance to your building

Maintain your home and all items therein on a frequent basis. This should include things like making sure your roof tiles are properly fitted and sealed, gutters are regularly cleaned and there is no wear-and-tear damage to the roof.