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Vehicle Insurance Value Added Products

We offer you a number of additional Value-Added Products that will enhance your existing policies or can be taken out as stand-alone products. These will take care of you and your family when the unexpected happens and are part of our mission to give you peace of mind, knowing that we're always there and it's always a pleasure.

Auto Top-Up

You put down a big deposit and dutifully pay your instalments every month. You even have tailor‑made insurance for your car, so that you’re covered when disaster strikes. But what happens to your deposit or the money you still owe the bank? That’s where Auto Top-Up steps in.

Scratch & Dent

Everyday motoring can cause annoying chips, minor dents and light scratches that often do not fit into your monthly budget. That's why we have created Scratch & Dent, a product that will help you keep your car in showroom condition, which you can add to your Auto & General vehicle policy

Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical breakdown can lead to major frustration, not to mention a hefty bill. We’ve thought about this and how best we can help you, and created Mechanical Breakdown. This product offers you financial protection if your vehicle breaks down due to mechanical or electrical failure

Tyre & Rim Guard

We've developed Tyre & Rim Guard in response to the continued deterioration of the roads in South Africa, as well as the increase in number and size of potholes. Much of the time uneven roads and potholes catch drivers unawares and cause significant damage to their vehicle's rims and/or tyres.

Home & Personal Value Added Products

To make sure you and your family are prepared for unforeseen disasters, we offer additional value-added products that you can take out as separate policies or will need to be added to your existing policies to ensure that you have extensive cover and all-encompassing peace of mind. 

Personal Accident

We aim to live up to our motto of always being there for you, which is why if you are in an accident and become disabled, hospitalised, or pass away, our Personal Accident product will make sure you and your family are cared for.

Funeral Plan

Our Funeral Plan* product provides cover for funeral expenses in the event of your death or that of your spouse or children. We promise that during this difficult time to provide your family with financial peace of mind.

Cellphone Insurance

It's always a pleasure to find a way for you to make sure that all of your valuables are insured. That's why Cellphone Insurance is especially useful, because if you don't have a Portable Possessions policy under which you would normally specify your cellphone, you can get this product as a stand-alone product.

Legal Cover

With our Legal Cover product you will have access to advice on any private, legal or labour matter, regardless of whether the cause of dispute arose before or after the commencement of your policy. We offer three benefits that have been included with this product to help you when you need it most: the Mediation Benefit, the Litigation Benefit, and the Basic Benefit.