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Reliable Business Insurance

Reliable Business Insurance

Customers rate us
4 Stars | 498 Reviews

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Why insure your business with Auto & General

One way that you can protect your business is by looking into Specialised Liability Insurance. Auto & General has years of experience to help you succeed.

As a medical practitioner, you face many of the risks all small businesses face: your practice could suffer a fire, broken window, or a burglary.

At Auto & General, our insurance for accountants protects you from a range of risks, whether to your office, your business, or your professional reputation.

If you own a law firm, you face many of the risks any other small business faces, but there are problems that you don’t have to deal with that other types of businesses do.

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Get Cash Back Plus

In business, there is not much you can rely on. Except when it comes to Cash Back Plus. Add it to your policy for a small additional monthly fee, stay claim-free for four years and you can look forward to cashback.

What is business insurance?

Essentially, business insurance is a form of financial security for your business. Mistakes, accidents, and other risks can cost your business a lot of money – sometimes more than you can afford. We do not think it would be fair for your business to suffer because of an error or unforeseen event. Especially when you put your heart into making it a success. Business insurance covers the costs that arise from events that place your business at risk, whether it is damaged machinery, a public liability claim, or a broken-down truck. It pays out so you do not have to. Some policies even come with business interruption insurance if you have to cease operations temporarily.


Auto & General Business Insurance

With over 35 years’ experience in the insurance industry, we have a wealth of knowledge to offer you. Depending on the nature of your business, you can get Commercial Insurance, Specialised Liability, Small Business Insurance, Commercial Vehicle Cover, Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance, or Corporate Insurance.


Our Commercial Insurance policy can be adapted to over 700 business types. Our Specialised Liability Cover protects you if you ever find yourself faced with legal action because of your business activities. Small Business Insurance gives you only the insurance you need without leaving you short on cover. Our Commercial Vehicle and Heavy Commercial Vehicle policies are tailored for the specific risks your vehicle and the items you keep inside it face. Our Corporate Insurance protects your office, directors, and officers from a wide range of common risks.

Auto & General Business Insurance includes

Commercial Insurance

We offer six types of Commercial Insurance policies. Office Insurance is designed for travel and estate agents, training centres, and general office businesses. Professional Insurance is tailored for accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, IT consultants, and other professionals.


We created Tradesmen Insurance for artisans like plumbers, electricians, painters, and handymen. Medical Insurance is perfect for those in the medical field, such as doctors, veterinarians, psychiatrists, dentists, and optometrists. General Business Insurance suits florists, hairdressers, book shops, and other retailers. Hospitality Insurance is ideal for guesthouses and bed and breakfast businesses. 


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Specialised Liability Cover

From the business owner to the employees, to customers, to members of the public, there are a lot of people that can have an effect on your business. Our Specialised Liability Cover makes sure you are covered should you face a legal liability claim, covering a broad range of scenarios you and your business may encounter.


We also offer you the option to extend your public liability insurance with our Broadform, Professional Indemnity, and Directors and Officers Liability Cover options. This covers you for legal defence costs, customers injured on your premises, damage to third-party property, negligent advice, defective workmanship, and more.


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Small Business Insurance

As a small business, you are particularly vulnerable to risks to your business. One event could place your entire operation in jeopardy. That is why we created our Small Business Insurance. It was made with the affordability and unique needs of small businesses in mind.


You get cover for the most common risks your business may face, such as business interruption, public liability, fire and lightning, machinery breakdown, and more. You can also include your business vehicle, your office contents, goods in transit, and your business building in your cover.

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Our Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance covers your business car against almost any risk, such as accident damage, theft, hijacking, third-party liability, and a number of acts of nature. These include fires, earthquakes, floods, and storms.


We offer other less comprehensive options as well: Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Commercial Car Insurance, and Third-Party Only Commercial Vehicle Cover.


No matter which option you choose, you can add Cash Back Plus to your policy for a small additional monthly fee. Get up to 25% of all your premiums, or the first year’s premiums – whichever is the lesser – back in cash after four claim-free, uninterrupted years.

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Corporate Insurance

Each corporate business faces its own unique risks. Our decades of experience have allowed us to tailor-make a Corporate Business Insurance in South Africa package. We cover businesses like large retail groups, property portfolios, hotel groups, mining businesses, and more.


We include cover for a broad range of risks including Directors and Officers Liability, business interruption insurance, electronic equipment, accidental damage, fire damage, casualty cover, stock deterioration, a fidelity guarantee, and much more.


We also offer a Group Insurance Benefit to cover you and all of your employees, giving life-changing help at the most vulnerable times.

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Business Assist supports you 24/7

Our Business Assist benefit was designed to help businesses of all sizes, but in our experience, small business owners and start-ups have found it particularly useful. Often, those new to the business world often struggle to get the professional advice and mentorship that they need to grow. That is why Business Assist offers you access to a database of professional advisors, mentors, and specialists in key business areas.

This benefit comes standard with every Auto & General Business Insurance policy. From digital marketing to IT support, this all-encompassing benefit supports you in multiple facets of your business.

Our customers generally score us 9.2 out of 10 when asked how easy it was to interact with us.

Customers rate us
4 Stars | 498 Reviews
Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the waiting period for Business Insurance?

We do not have a waiting period for any of our Business Insurance policies. When you open a business, the risks you face are immediate. You should not be penalised and be at risk because of a waiting period. 


However, if you already have an issue or legal matter existing, you might not be covered.


How long before I get my payout after claiming?

Time is money and when it comes to your Business Insurance claim payout, we try to get your money to you as quickly as we can. However, we do rely on you to provide us with all of the documentation and information we need to assess and investigate your claim in a timeous manner. Once we have received everything we need to process your claim, we try to pay you out within two business days if your claim is successful.

Can I insure more than one business?

If you are a serial entrepreneur, you can insure all of your businesses with us. Because we have so many years of experience under our belt, we can find a tailor-made Business Insurance solution for just about any business you may need to cover. Each business will fall under its own insurance policy, because they will all have their own unique needs.

Am I allowed to upgrade or downgrade my cover?

At Auto & General, it is vital to us that you have the business insurance you need at all times. That is why you can upgrade and downgrade your cover at any time. We know that circumstances change and life happens – your commercial insurance needs to change with it. So whether you are slowing the business down and needless cover or are expanding your operations, we have the right cover for you at the right time.

Which business assets will be excluded from my cover?

We do not exclude business assets from your cover. However, it is important to specify valuable equipment and machinery in your policy and to make sure you have the right cover for it. For example, you will need different types of cover for tools used in your factory and tools you take with you on the road. If you are unsure which cover type you need, speak to one of our helpful consultants or your broker.

Looking for more Business Insurance products?

Errors and Omissions

If you act negligently, we will give you legal support.

Directors and Officers

Get cover if you face legal action due to a mistake.

Business Vehicle

From cars to trucks, we offer specialised Business Vehicle cover.

Buildings Combined

Cover your most valuable business asset – your work premises.

Public Liability

Protect yourself financially if you are held legally liable for third-party damage or injury.

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Anyone who has had a bad experience on the road knows that car insurance is an absolute necessity. Paying for repairs to your car or having to buy a new one if yours is written off is simply not an affordable option for most people. However, even though you know you need it, you might still begrudge paying for it a little bit. That is why looking for ways to lower your monthly insurance premium could bring some relief. There are many factors that affect your insurance costs, but did you know your relationship status is one of them?

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