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Winter car care advice

6/15/2021 3:42:42 PM

As the temperature across the country starts to drop, we know you’ll be thinking about your safety on the roads. That’s why you can rely on us to help you prepare your vehicle for winter. Whether you experience cold air, rain, snow or frost, the colder weather can take a toll on tyres, batteries and braking systems. Be ready by following this winter car care advice.... (Read More)

Why SUVs are the most sought-after family vehicles in SA

10/7/2020 2:23:52 PM

There is a fast-growing trend in the world – the rise in popularity of SUV cars. In 2019, sales in South Africa reached over 500 000 units alone, while millions of SUVs were sold globally. This includes all kinds – regular SUVs, small SUVs, and even crossovers. Sleek and large, they are a force to be reckoned with under the hood and will take you from bustling traffic on the highway to relaxing on the quieter veld with great ease. ... (Read More)

Myth or fact: Families pay less for car insurance than singles

10/7/2020 1:35:47 PM

Anyone who has had a bad experience on the road knows that car insurance is an absolute necessity. Paying for repairs to your car or having to buy a new one if yours is written off is simply not an affordable option for most people. However, even though you know you need it, you might still begrudge paying for it a little bit. That is why looking for ways to lower your monthly insurance premium could bring some relief. There are many factors that affect your insurance costs, but did you know your relationship status is one of them? ... (Read More)

A family's practical guide to car insurance during COVID-19

10/7/2020 12:41:39 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust us into uncertain times and caused widespread financial strain - but your car insurance does not have to be a financial burden. Given we are living with a high level of unpredictability, now might be a good time to review your existing car insurance policies or think about taking one out if you do not already have one. ... (Read More)

How much car insurance cover do I need?

1/16/2020 1:05:22 PM

Choosing the correct car insurance policy to suit your needs is the first step in keeping your car protected. Next, make sure it is covered for the correct value. The value you insure for can influence your pay-outs and your monthly premiums. Many motorists suffer financial loss because their cars are not adequately insured. There are three different values for a car insurance policy - market, retail, or trade. There are pros and cons to each, and it is essential to understand what they are before you choose which value to insure for. ... (Read More)

How to increase your chances of recovery from a third party

6/10/2019 7:30:27 AM

Recovering your excess from a third party isn’t always possible however taking down some critical information, at the time of the incident, can increase your chances. In our over three decades experience, most of these basics haven’t changed. However with the rise in technology, capturing some of this information has become easier. ... (Read More)