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Stay alert this coming hail season


September 16, 2014

At Auto & General, we care about our customers, which is why we are always there for you, especially during your darker hours. As we only want the best for you, we offer hail cover for your car and home. If you find yourself caught in a hailstorm, please follow these guidelines. 

  • Don’t drive unless you absolutely have to. 
  • Keep away from windows!
  • If you are outside, seek immediate cover. 
  • Keep a blanket in your car, to protect you from shattering glass.  
  • Keep a longer following distance when driving. 
  • Turn on your headlights and emergency lights.

If you were unable to avoid a hailstorm and need to submit a hail claim, you can click here to log into or register on our online claims page. Alternatively, you can call us on 0860 00 00 00 and one of our consultants will be able to assist.

Hail faqs

  • Do I have to submit my claim immediately? 

No, you don’t have to call us immediately, as we will extend our business hours in     order to accommodate all the incoming calls.

  • When will my vehicle be booked in to be repaired? 

When you come in for pre-assessment, we’ll also discuss the date best suited to repair your vehicle with you.

  • Why do I need to take my vehicle to be pre-assessed?

We pre-assess vehicles in order to determine the severity of the damages sustained.  We are then be able to decide on the most efficient, effective and timesaving repair process, once we understand what the extent of the damages are

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