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Spring cleaning tips for your home and your insurance


October 21, 2016

Spring cleaning may be a dreaded process, but there is a certain satisfaction that accompanies getting rid of a year’s worth of cobwebs and unnecessary collectables.

So because spring is in full swing now, we think it’s a good time to get your spring cleaning game on. And while you’re at it, why not dust off your insurance policies?

Just as your home and garden need a good clean at least once a year, so do your insurance policies. Below are some trusted tips that will help get your house, and insurance policies, looking brand new again.

1. Work from top to bottom

Start with the roof, ceilings and top shelves first. This way, you will avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty. In the same manner, start your insurance clean up with the biggest policies first, such as your vehicle and buildings insurance policies. That way, you will only have to deal with the smaller policies once you are certain that the main ones are squeaky clean.

2. Repair as you go

If you come across an item that needs to be fixed, deal with it immediately. If you can’t fix it yourself, get a professional to come and assist. This also applies to your insurance policy. If you come across an item that has increased/decreased in value or you have added a few more items to your home, call your trusted home contents insurance company as soon as possible so that you can have that information updated accordingly.

3. Maintenance is key

Spring cleaning provides the perfect opportunity to spot potential maintenance needs, both inside and outside your home. If you need to update your home’s security, make sure you let your broker know so that they may update your policy accordingly or provide you with a suitable home contents insurance quote if you don’t already have that specific item covered.

4. Keep an inventory list

Keep in mind that the value of your household items increase or decrease with each passing year, and it is your responsibility as the homeowner to keep an accurate inventory list with updated values so that should you need to claim due to damage, theft or loss, your payout will be an accurate reflection of the value of your goods.

Even with all of these tips in mind, always remember that you as the homeowner are solely and fully responsible for keeping your home as secure as possible, and for keeping all your valuables insured to the maximum amount of their value. If you need help with updating your insurance policies, you can give one of our trusted consultants a call today and they will guide you through the process while providing you with quality service.

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