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Broadform Liability

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Auto  and General Broadfoarm Liability

Investing in your business and building it up takes years of experience and hard work. What would occur if someone sued you because they were injured, or their property got damaged at your business premises? This could leave you financially ruined, which is why as a small business owner it is so important that you protect your balance sheet. Rely on Auto & General Broadform Liability insurance to protect your business against these risks.

Who requires this?


All business owners whether you:

  • have business premises frequented by third parties,
  • frequent third party’s premises or
  • produce, sell, store, alter, repair any products

Why do you require this?

As a small business owner, protecting your business and the money you have invested in it is imperative so that you can continue trading. Business owners can be held liable for:

  • Third parties being hurt or having their property damaged at your business premises. An example could be a vehicle damaged in your parking lot or a customer could injure themselves by tripping over uneven paving on the way to the front door.
  • Causing resultant damage to a third party’s property while working at their premises. For example, a plumber could cause a flood in a house if the work isn’t carried out correctly.


Under South African law, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and/or suppliers can all be held liable for any property damage or bodily injury caused by their products. The consumer chooses who they sue. This could be the retailer/supplier who sold them the product or even the manufacturer. 


What do we insure?


  • General liability

          ○ Property Owners/Tenants Liability

          ○ Spread of Fire Liability

  • Products Liability

         ○ Defective Workmanship

         ○ Product Inefficacy

  • Sudden and Accidental Pollution Liability
  • Other Extensions

         ○ Employers’ Liability

         ○ Gratuitous negligent advice

         ○ Statutory Legal Defence Costs

         ○ Wrongful Arrest

         ○ Defamation


What do we not insure?


  • The resultant damage caused by your products/services is covered, however the rectification/repair/replacement of your product and/or work is not.
  • damage to the part of the property that you were working on.
  • Liability arising from an event or circumstance that occurred prior to the retroactive date.
  • Liability arising from communicable diseases.
  • Cyber Liability.

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Customers rate us
4 Stars | 498 Reviews

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